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Great news! Your grassroots efforts contacting Congress are working, as the backers of the big airlines' terrible air traffic control privatization scheme were forced to admit defeat - for now.

This is a huge victory. But we can’t stop now.

Tell Congress to support real passenger protections and accountability from the airlines, including all the Fair Fee Act principles in the FAA reauthorization bill. 

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We Need a Passenger Bill of Rights
Americans are increasingly disillusioned with the deplorable state of air travel caused by airlines that put their profits and political power before the needs of passengers.
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We Need a Passenger Bill of Rights
Americans are increasingly disillusioned with the deplorable state of air travel caused by airlines that put their profits and political power before the needs of passengers.
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Passenger Bill of Rights

Airline Passengers for Justice is partnering with leading consumer advocates to demand that Congress hold the airlines accountable through tougher policies and a comprehensive Passenger Bill of Rights including:

  • Consistent compensation rules for voluntary seat relinquishment due to overbooking or priority of other passengers/airline employees;
  • Prohibition on involuntary bumping of paid passengers for any reason except actual safety and security concerns;
  • Maintaining congressional oversight of air traffic control through the FAA and opposing efforts to hand over power to a nonprofit corporation heavily influenced by big airlines
  • Strict passenger compensation rules for non-weather flight delays, cancellations, computer crashes and mishandling/losing baggage, pets and minor children;
  • Minimum seat standards to ensure reasonable passenger comfort, address health concerns, and promote safety, including adequate space for emergency evacuation and adequate lavatory space
  • Complete airfare transparency, including for taxes, surcharges and ancillary fees available in all types of booking channels, whether offered through airlines or third parties
  • Establishment of mandatory standards overseen by the FAA and DOT to ensure that airline imposed fees related to cancellations, changes, baggage, seat selection, same day and name changes and similar are reasonable and proportional to the costs of providing the services. These protections are central components of the proposed Forbidding Airlines from Imposing Ridiculous (FAIR) Fees Act and similar amendments were were successfully included in the Senate's FAA Re-Authorization Bill, but are missing from the House version.
What's happening

Airline corporations want to take over and run the air traffic control system

The same oligopolies who can't even go for a week without a large scale technological meltdown or customer service crisis now want us to trust them to handle air traffic control.

Imagine turning over our air traffic control towers to the same mega airlines that can't even get you or your bag to your destination on time, treat customers like cattle, squeeze us into smaller spaces, cut routes to small and medium cities and drag off paying passengers to make room for their own employees.

Handing over this core public asset from the Federal Aviation Administration to a private corporate board would give the airlines even more unchecked power to raise taxes and fees on consumers. They would also be able to make decisions on airport access for general aviation and low-cost competitors without any public or Congressional accountability, putting their corporate profits before everyone else.

Write Congress
Help protect the rights of passengers and push back on the greedy airline industry's risky scheme to privatize air traffic control.


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